Project Plans


Since closing escrow on the property on Oct. 9, 2013, Al-Umma Center of Santa Clarita has been working with the City of Santa Clarita to get the required permits to approve the property for community assembly use (Masjid, community center…etc). We were very blessed to have Brother Amjad Hanbali of Hanbali and Associates develop the extensive engineering plans the City required from us. Alhamdulillah, on November 25th, 2014, our efforts were rewarded when the City of Santa Clarita issued us the entitlement permit, MUP, which entitles us to use the property as a Masjid. As conditions for issuing the permit, the City has required us to undertake the following projects:


Phase I:

  1. Internal Modification of the prayer area which will include:

  • Construction of six bathrooms (three for men and three for women) along with Wudu areas.

  • Water drinking fountains in men and women prayer areas

  • Converting the existing bathroom into an office.

  • Installing carpeting throughout prayer area.

  • Modification of the Masjid’s frontage.

  • Complying with all ADA requirements.


  1. Connect into the sewer system and abandon the existing septic system.


  1. Parking lot & landscaping:

  • 54 parking spaces including spaces for handicap parking.

  •  8670 sq. ft. of landscaping.

  • Parking lot and exterior site lighting system consisting of 16 stations.

  • Electric vehicle charging station.

  • Refuse containers enclosure.


  1. Street improvements:

  • Sidewalk and street re-pavement

  • Street Lighting

  • 26’ wide X 46’ long main entrance driveway.


  1. Fencing and gates:

  • 200 feet of 6-foot high masonry wall along the Eastern boundary of the property.

  • 200 feet of 6-foot high wrought iron fence along the front of the property.

  • 26 foot sliding gate (electrically-operated) for the main entrance.

  • 5-foot gate for pedestrians to access the Masjid from the sidewalk.

  • 4-foot gate for pedestrians to access the parking lot.

Phase II:

  1. Minaret:

A 35-foot minaret will be constructed in the area designated as a 1550 sq. ft. landscaped section just south of the prayer hall.


  1. Steel Structure Remodeling:

The existing steel structures will be converted into a 2500 sq. ft. multipurpose hall.

Related Documents:

Schedule of Construction:

We are currently in the process of obtaining the building permits to start undertaking the first phase of the development. The completion of Phase I first two projects is expected by the second quarter of 2015.  While we expect to complete Phase I projects 3, 4 and 5 by the 1st quarter of 2016, it is estimated that the cost of Phase I five projects will be about $300,000.  We currently have $130,000 of available funds and are in need of $170,000 of additional funds to complete Phase I.

As for Phase II, insha’allah, we hope to begin undertaking its two projects as soon as we complete the required Phase I projects. We estimate the two projects will cost $320,000 (in today’s dollars).

Appeal For Financial Support:

We ask for your help to insure that we accomplish our ambitious goals in a timely basis. You can make your tax-deductible donations either using a credit or a debit card, or by sending your check, or money order to the Center’s address: 18027 Sierra Highway, Canyon Country, CA 91351.



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