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Community leaders in support of opening the Masjid in Canyon Country

May Allah bless them for their service to the cause of Islam


AUGUST 2, 2013

“inSha’Allah, I ask the brothers to strike from the presentation the guarantee to refund the money, for the fact that this [project] will be done inSha’Allah. This Masjid will happen as Allah has wished that. It is up to us to compete to be a part of it. Allah SWT says: [The last of it is musk. So for this let the competitors compete]. The competition is how many Masjids we helped create. We have to pass the torch to future generation….Spend until it hurts to spend… Once you contribute to the Masjid, forget that you contributed… Allah SWT Says: [O ye who believe! Let not your wealth nor your children distract you from remembrance of Allah. Those who do so, they are the losers]….Go to everybody you know and ask for contributions, you need to contribute to this worthy project by all means possible.”

– Sh. Omar Jubran

“This Masjid inSha’Allah will happen, if this is Allah’s will. The question is, are you and me going to be part of this process or not? Are we going to wait on the sidelines? Are we going to be in the game or are we going to be watching? There is nothing better for us in this life than to be part of the process of opening a Masjid for Allah SWT.”

– Sh. Galal Abdelwahab

“I ask you, what better business is to be in than the business of building Masajid for Allah SWT? Or being part of the community that builds Masajid? Prophet Mohammad SAAS said, ‘Whosoever builds a house (Masjid) for the pleasure of Allah, whether it be small or large, Allah builds for him a house in paradise’. This Hadeeth is one of the most beautiful ones… Masjids are for worship, not for agendas or exclusion or politics…First business of Prophet Mohammad SAAS was to build a masjid… In 20 or 30 years, perhaps none of us are going to exist, and what we would have left behind? it is this Masjid that allows our Sadaqa to continue long after we are gone, just like the generations before us.”

– Sh. Azzam Hamawy (Abu Omar)

“Ibrahim raised the foundations of the House with Ismael… it takes more than one person alone to build a house for Allah. Building a Masjid has to come from the heart, has to come with sincerity… Why not have 3 Masajid in Santa Clarita? We have a big community. The geography is spread out. And maybe four and we should think about a fifth. But, the point I want to make all the Masajid should be together and cooperate. And work for the better of all of humanity Muslims and non-Muslims alike.”

– Dr. Omran Abdeen


February 10, 2013

“More Masjids does not mean division. More Masajid, means more accessibility to the community. More Masajid, means more visibility in the American community”

– Kamal Al Khatib (President of American Islamic Institute Of Antelope Valley)

“I am so happy to hear about Al-Umma, Nation. We are in our communities part of the Ummah…. Allah SWT says: [In mosques which Allah has ordered to be raised and that His name be mentioned therein; exalting Him within them in the morning and the evenings]. When Allah gave his permission for a Masjid to be built don’t be afraid of anything.”

– Sh. Mohamed Elbeih