Fundraiser to Acquire Vacant Lot Directly North of Masjid

(in photo above, the lot we want to acquire is outlined in yellow, while the current Masjid property is outlined in blue)

Al-Umma Center has been presented with the opportunity to purchase the vacant lot immediately north of the Masjid; more specifically: 18015 Sierra Highway, Canyon Country, Ca 91351. Acquiring the property will allow, at a-minimum, to meet the parking requirements needed for the new Masjid building and have it large enough (3500 to 4000 SF) to accommodate future Muslim Community growth in the Santa Clarita Valley Eastern Corridor. Based on current building code, a 3500 SF prayer hall will require 125 parking spaces, but we currently have only 53 parking spaces. Other benefits include having access to the Masjid property from the NW corner of the combined lots in addition to the current access on Sierra Highway.

The property is listed for $574,000 and the seller is requiring a minimum of $200,000 downpayment, and he’ll  finance the balance for a period of five years.

We are asking our respected community members to consider making pledges to help in coming up with the $200,000 downpayment and hopefully more. Pledges can be either outright donations and / or Qard Hasan (0 % loan). Pledges will be collected only if we go ahead and open escrow.

In response to the pledge drive for raising, at a-minimum, the down payment, alhamdulillah the total amount of pledges (donations & Qard Hasan) as of October 14, 2021 has reached $237,000. We thank the donors who have stepped up and made generous pledges, and pray to Allah (SWT) to grant them and their families countless Hasanat for every penny of their pledges.

We kindly request those who are able to help in raising more funds to increase the down payment and lower the amount we have to finance, to please click the following link to make their pledges:

On Monday, October 11, We submitted 1st formal offer to purchase the property, and seller countered on Wednesday, October 13.  Inshallah, we’ll be submitting our next offer by the end of the business day of Thursday, October 14.   
Inshallah, we’ll keep the community informed on our progress, and will ask for pledges to be funded only if we officially open escrow.