Wishing You Happy Eid al-Fitr and Happy Holiday!


Eid Prayers will be held at:

Ranch Pico Jr. High School
26250 Valencia Blvd, Valencia, 91381
Friday July 17, 2015
Takbeer at 7:30 AM
Salat at 8:00 AM

Dr. Omaran Abdeen will lead the prayer and deliver the Khutba. The Islamic Center of Santa Clarita Valley is the sponsor and organizer of this Eid event, and Al-Umma Center and Unity Center are the guest Masajid.

We request everyone to bring at least one prayer rug. We also request that the elderly and handicapped be given priority to park in the school parking lot, while everyone else is requested to park in West Ranch High School parking lot which is across the street.

Zakat al-Fitr is mandatory for every muslim regardless of age or gender. It must be paid before Salat al-Eid, or else it will count as Sadaqa. We encourage everyone to pay as soon as possible to enable the Masjid to distribute it to the needy, preferably before Eid. We have set up a special box for this Zakat in the Masjid. We also need your help in identifying needy people in our local community.