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Eid Mubarak ***** عيد مبارك


Inshallah, Eid Al-Udha will be on Monday September 12, 2016.  We wish  Muslims everywhere Eid Mubarak, and pray to Allah (SWT) to bring sorely needed peace and prosperity to everyone, especially to the many Muslims  who have suffered for far too long from wars and repression.

Eid Prayer in the Santa Clarita Valley:

  • When: Monday Sept 12, 2016.  Takbeer starts at 7:15 AM, Salat at 8:00,  and Khutbah to follow immediately follow Salat.
  • Where: Hyatt Regency Valencia (Grand Ball Room, 24500 Town Center Dr, Valencia, CA 91355)
  • Khateeb: Dr. Omran Abdeen will lead Salat and deliver Khutbah.
  • Refreshments: Served after Khutbah is concluded.
  • Parking: Available at Hotel parking lot and at nearby shopping mall parking structures. For those who need it, valet parking is available @ a cost of $7.00

Eid Picnic:

  • When: Saturday September 17, 2016 @ 1:00 PM
  • Where: Valencia Glan Park (23750 Via Gavola, Valencia CA 91350)
  • What is being provided: Games and presents for children
  • What to bring: Your favorite food dish to share with the rest of the community.
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Qura’n Memorization Contest

On June 19, 2016  thirty youngsters took part in the Qura’n memorization contest.  All participants were acknowledged for their accomplishments, and  the top four achievers were given  special awards.  Sheikh Mostafa participated in the judging,  and provided encouraging comments to all  participants and their families.

Ramadan 1437 Qur'an Memorization Competion

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Assalamu Alaikum

On behalf of everyone at Al-Umma Center of Santa Clarita Valley, we wish the Muslim community in Santa Clarita and the entire Muslim Ummah Ramadan Mubarak.  Based on the ruling of the Fiqh Council of North America, the first day of the blessed month of Ramadan, 1437 A.H, will be Monday June 6, 2016Inshaallah, the first night of Taraweeh prayers at Alumma Center of Santa Clarita Valley’s Canyon Country Masjid will be on Sunday, June 5, 2016, immediately after Isha prayer,  which will start at 9:45 PM.  Sheikh Mostafa, a graduate of Al-Azhar Universty will be leading the Taraweeh prayers.

Inshallah, the daily Iftar program  at the Masjid will start on Monday, June 6, 2016.  Alhamdulillah, 27 nights of the Iftar program have alreay been sponsored by the generous families of our great community.  There are only three nights still open for sopnsorship: June 28, July 4th and Jul 5. Anyone interested in sponsoring any of these nights can do so by : signing putting his/her name on the sign-up sheet on the Masjid’s bulletin board, calling (661) 347-8367, or emailing We look forward to having  community members join us for Iftar and Taraweeh prayers every night of this holy month.

The following is the structure of the Ramadan program:

  • Maghrib – 9:10 PM :  Breaking the fast, Salat Al-Maghrib, followed by dinner.
  • 9:10 PM – 9:40 PM :  Qura’n Recitation Halaqa led by Sheikh Mostafa.  Inshallah, during the Halaqa, we’ll recite half Juzuu of Al-Qura’n Al-Kareem
  • 9:45 PM Salat Al Isha
  • Taraweeh Prayers:  Immediately after Salat Al Isha, the Tarwaeeh prayers will begin as follows:
  1. Four Rakaas
  2. Khatira (spiritual message) to be given by Sheikh Mostafa or a guest scholar.    
  3. Four Rakaas
  4. First Witr Prayer
  5. Aditional Rakaas for those who desire to do so.
  6. Second Witr prayer for those who didn’t pray the first Witr.

Please click here to download the 2016 Ramadan Prayer schedule.

Inshallah, we’ll be having many night of Qiyam Al Layl, especially during the last ten days of Ramadn.  We’ll be making announcements as to when these nights will be.

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Recognition of Some Brothers (Rody Alkhateeb, Amjad Hanbaly, and Kamal Alkhateeb) who were very instrumental in the success of the Masjid’s construction project.


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Few of the Brothers who joined us on April 2, 2016 for an evening of celebration


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City of Santa Clarita Issues the Certificate Of Occupancy For Al-Umma’s Canyon Country Masjid

Certificate of Occoupancy

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SCV Youth Deliver Christmas Gifts To Residents of SCV Homeless Shelter

Christmas Gifts to homeless - 3Chrismas Gifts To Residents of SCV Homeless Shelter -2Christmas Gifts to Homeless - 1Christmas Gifts to Homeless -5

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Strong Condemnation of the Recent Massacre In San Bernardino, CA

Al-Umma Center of Santa Clarita Valley Strongly condemns the senseless massacre of fourteen people in San Bernardino.  We send our condolences to the families of the deceased, and pray for the speedy recovery of those who were injured.   As Muslims, we stand against any violence that targets innocent people, and firmly believe that no teachings or doctrines in  our beautiful and peaceful religion, Islam,  will ever justify the killing or hurting of innocent people.

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Eid Mubarek 2015 Eid-Al-Adha

Inshaallah Eid Al Adha will be on Thursday, September 24, 2015. Alhamdulillah, the three Masajid in the the Santa Clarita Valley will be joining together for the Eid Prayer, and Unity Center of Santa Clarita will be the lead Masjid for this blessed event. The prayer venue and time are as follows:


Hyatt Regency Valencia
24500 Town Center Drive
Valencia, CA 91350

Time: Takbeer starts @ 7:30 AM
Salat : 8:00 AM
Khutbah : Immediately after Salat

*Please bring at least one prayer rug

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